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  • Never Paint Again!

    We offer several different choices of siding, including vinyl, seamless steel, and hardie board.

  • Hassle-Free Seamless Gutters

    Learn how you can protect your home with easy-to-clean seamless gutters.

  • Enjoy the Outdoors—Without the Bugs!

    Let Custom Exteriors design & build a screen room for your home so you can enjoy the best parts of nature.

  • Dress up Your Home with New Siding

    Want your home to make a big impact? We offer a variety of siding options to meet your needs.

Change Your Home’s Appearance and Energy Use with New Siding, Windows, & Roofing by Custom Exteriors


A No-Nonsense Approach

For over 30 years we have offered North Texas the best products, installation, and service at the best prices. It just makes sense

*No High Pressure Sales

Our estimators are salaried employee’s not commissioned salesman. Most companies pay Salesman 15 to 30% commission. That’s right. If they give you a $5000.00 estimate, the salesman gets $750.00 to $1500.00. Most of these salesperson are professional salespeople no experience in actual installations or remodeling. All of our estimators are employees, trained by us first at installing the product they are discussing with you. Could you imagine buying a car from someone who has never driven a car? Although allot of us do that with cars, but that’s why car salesman have that reputation. IS THAT REALLY WHO YOU WANT TO PUT WINDOWS IN YOUR HOME OR WORKING ON YOUR ROOF?

*No Flashy Showrooms or Offices

Showrooms and offices are simple. We do not have big fancy offices and showrooms. A big office and showroom does not affect how your home will look or how high your electric bill is but you get to pay for it anyway, it’s added into the cost of the job. We focus on product our warehouse is large enough to give us buying power and plain enough that it adds no cost to your project. No unnecessary costs added to your project!

*Employees, Not Subcontractorsa door picture from inside house

Almost all siding and window companies use subcontractors for their installations giving up control of quality and workmanship to others. Our employees are trained by us, supervised by us, and guaranteed by us. Guarantying that the work is done right every time. Background checks are performed and passed on everyone that will touch your home. With Sub contractors control is given up to the subcontractor and the sub may pass a background check who works for the sub is the subs control. Employees that you can trust!

*No Franchise Fees or Royalties

The big stores lease their name to other companies. Sears uses “Authorized Contractors” they receive royalties for the use of their name. The big home centers, orange or blue the same thing: you pay for the name. They use the same product manufactures, same products, some put their name on the box, but it’s the manufacturer that warranties the product not them. It doesn’t affect how the product will perform or who will service it if there is an issue. You pay for the name. Do you want to pay for someone else’s name?

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