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Whether your home is brick with paintable trim or all wood that’s need constant maintenance. Siding and trim will eliminate painting and deterioration. We custom make trim that looks like wood without the maintenance issues. At Custom Exteriors, we offer several different choices of siding, including vinyl, seamless steel, and Hardie Board or Fiber Cement siding, plus overhangs and custom vents. All of our siding options are made from high quality materials that require very little or no maintenance.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is best known for being virtually maintenance free. It is available in a variety of colors and is easy to replace if a section ever gets damaged. The color the siding goes all the way through, so it never has to be painted, and it is also resistant to dents, scratches, and water damage. Over 30 colors and 10 profiles available.

Seamless Steel Siding

Our Factory on wheels, Whether your wall is 20 feet long or 90 feet long we install one continues piece, the entire length. Box siding comes in 12 foot pieces and some now in 16 foot, but it’s pieced together with laps that let in weather and look bad. Seamless Steel Siding is the only siding that can be run on site and installed in a continuous format. Just as the name suggests, seamless steel siding is cut to fit the exact dimensions of your home so that each panel is installed in one length. Because you don’t have to overlap panels to span the length of your exterior wall, seamless steel siding is more resistant to high winds and visually attractive. In addition, steel siding has the benefit of being incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to temperature fluctuations. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you get the customized look you want.

Hardie Board

Hardie Board or Fiber Cement siding, is the newest siding to come to the industries. First in primed ready to paint version and now available in prefinished forms that never need painting. With new trim and accessories Fibered cement can be an option for your home.

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